A little over three years ago, photographer Ari Seth Cohen moved to New York and begin snapping pictures of the stylish men and women he saw meandering down the streets. From there was born Advanced Style, his blog featuring the fabulously fashionable of the more advanced years. And boy do these ladies and gents have some serious swagger.
Check it out:
 Advanced Style, he says, offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.
These amazing women are both 80 years old and 91 years old (from left) and still looking great. 
80 years old
Seriously, how can you not love this couple? The pink and purple pants are so awesome!
That scarf! That suit! She’s 98 and way more stylish than I’ll ever be!
The beautiful dame on the left is 92!
Drool-worthy coat and turban envy.
Annndd . . .I just had to highlight my amazing grandmother as well, who is still rockin’ it at 97!
I can only hope I’m even half as well-dressed as these inspiring ladies! If you’d like to see more pics, head on over to Ari’s blog!
Any advanced stylistas in your life? Share a picture! We’d LOVE to see!