In a style reminding me of a modern take on Lolita, Robert Harper photographed model Kristy Kaurova for an editorial in Velour Magazine for August 2011. I love the long flowing hair with a 50’s style twist, while the clothing has a definite 70’s influence. With a lean towards a young, Lolita-esque beauty, this shoot is one of my favorites of the summer. Take a look below for some of the top shots.

The bottle of Coca-Cola really gives an American feel, especially paired with bright 70’s style wedges and a light floral two-piece play suit! 

 An apple gives the feeling of innocence and youth. I love the rolled up white tee for an almost James Dean, 1950’s look.

 Super cute high waisted shorts and bow wedges!

A classic halter dress in a gingham print has got to be the ultimate in American style summer fashion. I love the flow and shape of this piece!

Seersucker being another classic American fabric, this playful jumper is perfectly crisp and fun! I really love the gingham bandana pairing.
All images from Fashion Gone Rogue