We finally got the chance to get the inside scoop from our fave fashion blogger from across the pond, and Lulus babe through and through, Sinead Crowe! We talk love, style, mindfulness, and of course, food and puppies! Turns out she’s our new bestie! Wanna learn more about this cutie? Read on for our exclusive interview and follow her on Instagram @sineadcrowe for more outfit envy!

sinead crowe - stars dress

What are the differences in personal style you notice between the US and the UK?

I feel like American style is way more laid back, not sure if that’s just the girls I follow though as I am a huge Insta-stalker of all the Cali girls like Sincerely Jules!

Perfect breakfast?

I love acai bowls! They’re my go-to breakfast right now, but for a treat I love a good eggs benedict!

Coffee order?

I’m the annoying customer, haha I order a large latte with half a shot of decaf coffee.

We’re loving your Instagram OOTD’s, what’s your everyday uniform?

I used to have a definite everyday uniform but I’ve definitely become more playful and experimental with my style! I would say right now I am living in fur coats and my grey Supergas from Lulus!

sinead crowe

We love a girl’s night, what’s your go-to night out look?

I am a super casual dresser and always struggle with what to wear for an evening look because I have to be comfy! I’ll usually go for a skirt and a jumper (sweater) with heels!

What’s your beauty routine like?

My beauty routine definitely depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll take ages over every detail, and sometimes I’ll slap on the closest thing in 5 minutes! I love cleansing balms right now and I swear by eye cream!

The Baker Boy hat is one of our fave fall accessories. What are some other trends you are excited for this winter?

I am obsessed with baker boy hats! I also love the beret, but I just don’t think it suits me! Fur coats are my weakness right now, I have around 7 and counting…

We’re obsessed with your pup Penelope, what’s her personality like?

She is SO independent! She’s got so much character, and she’s scared of NOTHING! She’s fearless!

sinead crowe - with puppy

Okay, we’re dying to know, what are some chic spots to visit in London for fashion girls?

My favorite places to visit are the Chiltern firehouse, The Ivy (their parmesan truffle fries are THE BEST), The Clerkenwell Grind, and Bourne & Hollingsworth is SO beautiful!

We’re inspired by your openness on your blog about dealing with anxiety, and living with positivity, any tips for girls dealing with the same obstacles?

My first tip for anyone who comes to me for advice on anxiety is to throw away any books that talk about anxiety and go through the feelings. They just make me focus in on it and create more anxiety. Instead I focus on being as positive as possible, and I don’t let other people’s actions and moods affect mine.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

My all-time favorite snack is twiglets (a vegemite flavored pretzel-like snack) dipped in milk! I love weird food combos!

Thanks, Sinead! You’re the best!