Less is more. . . right?

Well, leave it to the incredible wiles of Dolce & Gabbana and the artistry of the world renowned photographer, Steven Meisel, to show us very emphatically that More is More!
In this March cover shoot for Vogue Italia entitled “Dazzling,” stunning hues and bold combinations are romantically dimmed with low-lighting and rich Rococo decor. Frenzied patterns are accentuated with tall strappy shoes, pom-poms and colorful light bulbs arranged into antler-like headdresses. (Now that was a bright idea).
The models are a crisp meld of glowing beauty and geeky-chic, leading us even farther into the world of layering. See the rest of “Dazzling” if you dare!

Did you find Waldo? Just kidding, but seriously, the amount of detail in these pictures is wonderfully engaging. What is it that sticks out most to you?