Hi Everyone, it’s Jen again! I am back for this month’s Art Inspired Fashion post. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall season. This month I wanted to pick something that gave off a great fall vibe. I was particularly looking for a painting that had rich colors in it.  I fell in love with this floral painting by Rachel Ruysch.
It has so much depth and life in it. I especially love the pop of coral, peach and mustard colors in the flowers. Rachel Ruysch was a Dutch artist who specialized in still-life paintings of flowers in the 1700’s. 
When I saw this Coral Dress I knew it was the perfect match.
I paired it with this Olive Hurley jacket because I think it creates the perfect balance just like in the painting. Can you imagine painting with such detail? This painting is so beautiful!
Paintings can be such great inspiration to pull from when picking colors for an outfit. I am totally inspired! 
See you next month for the next Art Inspired Fashion post! Happy Halloween. 

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