Last weekend I took off up the West Coast to Portland, Oregon, to do a photo shoot of some new pieces that I have been working on. A few months ago I started working on some jackets, dresses, and jumpsuits to use for a potential fashion show or photo shoot to update my website with.

About the same time I saw that an old friend, Daniel De Porres, was putting up fashion photographs on Facebook (yeah, pretty funny that everything comes back to Facebook lately!). So I got in contact with him about doing a look book/editorial of the clothes that I was working on.

It was pretty awesome from the beginning, as even on the pre-production brainstorming, Daniel and I were on the same page. When I arrived in Portland, we had a meeting with Mark (Daniel’s creative director and right hand man) and Ntense Productions to do a documentary on the photo shoot/weekend.

To top it off, when I met up with the makeup and hair artist, Rocket, she saw right into the clothes and the look that I wanted. The next morning when Victoria, the model from Q6 in Portland, showed up, we all knew that it would be an amazing weekend.

We wanted to portray a very European-looking girl, in European-looking clothes, in an American city. Daniel came up with the idea to spotlight her as if she were in a studio but while she was really outside. This effect made it look as if Victoria had been transported to Portland from some dream or vision!

The clothes are made for the kind of girl that travels from the West to East Coasts as well through Europe. She needs a wardrobe that allows her to fit in and still make a statement across various cultural and urban environments.

Now ladies and (hopefully some) gents, this is just a teaser for when I get the final images to release! Victoria was amazing, and if these are the raw images taken by Ntense Productions and Tom Barrett (backstage photographer), imagine for a second what the final images will look like!