For the newest Lookbook, partnered up with our boyfriend store Trucker for whirlwind photo shoot! 

Our ladies and their guys got to soak up the sun while shot their new lookbook pictures. This setting was perfect for showing off Trucker’s summer menswear and for introducing them to our ladies!

On the left is our gorgeous Wase and an adorable model by the name of RJ that swept us all off of our feet. RJ looked so much like Taylor Lautner that we couldn’t stop thinking it was actually him! 

Our dedicated photographer Marty Crosley was willing to get down on the ground for the best shot of RJ on a killer skateboard! It was a super hot day so luckily the models got a chance to splash around in the pool.


In the middle of the shoot, we found out the owners of the house owned a beautiful, white Rolls Royce. We pulled out the Rolls for a spin around the block and the ladies had a blast. 

FYI keep posted for a behind the scenes video this week as well as more pictures on Trucker’s website. If you have any men if your life, tell them to check out Trucker, they have awesome men’s clothing that will complement your wardrobe.