Rock the road

Late last week I got to hang out and shoot with my two main gals, Kennedy and Grace, for the Rock the Road Pinterest Contest for First City Festival. It was a pretty fun shoot where we got to experience driving a really rad VW van. We hadn’t done a photo shoot all together in a long time, so the energy was absolutely amazing. Plus we used some of my favorite pieces we have in stock here at LuLu*s, which you can shop below!


Kennedy and Grace taking selfies with our vintage 35mm camera


Kennedy giving Grace a piggy back ride. It was funny how many times these two almost fell over!

rock the road






Don’t forget to enter the contest for a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to First City Festival in Monterey, as well as a $300 giftcard to LuLu*s!! The lineup is amazingĀ , you might even see me there :)