Ah, Monday morning — that time when, from behind your blurry eyes and before that life giving first cup of coffee, you need to fight the good fashion battle.

This morning, I find my arsenal of fashion (aka my closet) lacking in certain areas. I had the skirts, the shirts, the shoes, the socks….. but after 20 minutes of trying to pair every top with my magenta tube skirt  I realized it was a lack of accessories holding me back. That’s right — I found myself defeated by a total belt break-down.


Belts are a must-have — the more, the better. As I discovered at 7:15 this morning, just one black leather belt to hold up your jeans won’t do. A varity of color, shape, and size is needed to start a nice belt base.

Big belts are an excellent way to help break up large areas of color into a new layer- such as the High Sierras Belt in Grey [sold out!] (which would have been my saving grace this morning). I love the way skinny belts like the That’s a Wrap Belt [sold out!] helps articulate a waist, like on rompers or fitted woven pieces. Another quick fix to get ahead in the fashion battle is to use the belt itself as the dominate piece in an outfit. The Three’s Company Belt in Multi-color [sold out!] is so much fun it desrves all the wowed looks it gets!

I already feel more confident about my next Monday morning fashion battle… at least belts won’t be the problem next time 😉