Eco-friendly, pro-health, and … fashion forward? Not three thoughts normally associated with bicyling. A cute wardrobe for a 10-speed can be rather limiting. Here at Lulus, we have picked out some must-haves for the cyclist in all of us (for us especially, as many of the Lulus staff bike to work everyday). So Portland, Boulder, and Davis, this one is for you!

First off, long skirts look beautiful, but it’s not so pretty when they catch in gears and land you face down in the gutter. Instead, try bringing that same flow to your top with the Buttermilk Tunic in Cream [sold out!].  The billowy sleeves will look marvelous at a gentle pedal with the wind just giving them enough push to express the full body of the top.





Next, skirts are cute, but not so modest when biking. Flowing shorts, designed to have the cute perky look of a skirt, such as our Gossip Girl Shorts in Grey [sold out!], Peggy Sue Shorts [sold out!], and Little Suzie Shorts in Chambray [sold out!], are excellent choices to replace the possibly too revealing mini.

Lastly, a nice pair of staple shades are a must have for biking on a bright day. The Jessi’s Sunglasses [sold out!] will help keep nasty reflections from cars away.

Happy biking!