2010 ended by unleashing an actress onto us in the most unforgettable kind of way. I would even be so bold as to call it the year of Natalie Portman. Not only did Portman stun our senses with her epic performance in Black Swan but she graced the magazine stands and won over our softer senses with ease and poise as well. I will never forget the image of her “flapping” wings and back muscles straining while she danced wearing a Rodarte tutu or this Vogue US spread of her for January 2011 by Peter Lindbergh.

Director of the Black Swan, Aronofsky, said this of Portman:

“The only way to be perfect,is to allow chaos and madness into your life. Natalie has very few opportunities to express the dangerous side of her, and there’s a lot of colors there. She teases; she’s playful and sexy and so beautiful it hurts.”

Not only is her new physical prowess apparent in her every movement but also a sense that she has, like Nina in the Black Swan, finally found and conquered her “black swan”. 

Watch this behind the scenes video to see Portman’s articulation and enthusiasm for her art in real life.