Time for Blogger Spotlight! This week while clicking around the blog rolls I came across Denni of ChicMuse. I instantly fell in love with her sophisticated style and impeccable attention to detail. Currently based out of Tokyo, this hugely popular blogger has pages upon pages of beautiful pictures to give you endless inspiration. Let’s take a peek at some of my favorite looks just to give you a hint of how special this blog is.

Gorgeous Miu Miu shoes!

Denni featured in an American Apparel Ad campaign.

 I love the play of the black shorts and white maxi against a backdrop of overcast clouds.

 Most insanely beautiful vintage 1970’s Yves Saint Laurent cape!  This photo is an absolute vision paired with the YSL Mohawk pumps.

 The great thing about Denni is that she features amazing high end clothing styled perfectly and comes across as the sweetest, best-friend-you-haven’t-met! Always cheerful and down to earth this girl writes a blog that is a real pleasure to visit regularly! Make sure to check her out! You will be enamored, I promise!