Yesterday, when I came across Hope Adela from Pink Champagne, I knew instantly that she would be my Blogger Spotlight for this week. As I looked through her pictures and daily outfits, I couldn’t help but smile and be delighted by how much fun she has with fashion.

Playing with patterns and textures, Hope Adela seems to embody a different fairytale or adventure in every outfit. In her “About Me” section on her site, Hope has written, “I believe that fashion is a creative and unique form of art, and try to incorporate that theory into every aspect of my life.” Take a look for yourself to find out what she means in my favorite looks shown below

With a definite affinity for turbans, headbands, and hats, Hope Adela is fearless with her accessories. In the first photo, my absolute favorite, she seems to be an old world gypsy, finished with an adorned turban and long gloves. In the second photo she takes color for a spin and embodies a Frida-esque look complete with bangles and a cheerful polka dot blouse.

Tulle and feathers for a romantic woodland look.

 What do all three of the photos above have in common? Oh, just one of the most iconic prints of all time: leopard! With animal print accents and a full swinging 60’s coat, Hope Adela adds flair in a way that most would stumble over. Excess and drama are clearly her strong suit, with all of these looks appearing effortless and fun – the mark of true style. 

Some of us shine in simplicity and minimalism, others in full regalia with cloaks and capes, lame and leather, not an accessory left behind! Whatever your style, being true to your inner voice is what sets you apart from others and makes you special. I for one commend those who take fashion as a way to express themselves and their dreams, and Ms. Hope Adela is a perfect example! Make sure to check out her blog for more inspirational and fun fashion!