It’s almost Christmas! This year I am giving you the gift of Neon Blush! What’s that you say? Only one of my favorite blogs! Jenny, of Neon Blush, has the effortless and cool style that I aim to achieve pretty much everyday. Great separates, perfect denim, and just the right amount of edge. Take a look and see for yourself!
For me, adding a button down shirt is pretty much de rigueur. It toughens any outfit and adds an instant amount of cool – at least in my opinion. I love pairing menswear style button-downs with girlie skirts and heels. It is a flawless combo!

Love the tough jacket and boots with the contrast of a sheer, feminine blouse!
What an amazing photo! I am such a fan of hi-lo hems and this black pleated version is just awesome!
Casual cute with a sweater, printed blouse, and boots!
I love these Mink Pink Runaway slashed denim shorts! They would even work paired with tights in the winter!
Jenny making basics her own with edgy shoes and a structured bag!
I love the attention to detail with these amazing paper-bag-waist shorts and loads of perfect gold jewelry.
More edgy, menswear details with epaulette shoulders and tweed shorts. This is a perfect combo of sweet and feminine with a fun edge to it!
Make sure to check out Jenny’s blog, Neon Blush!! Tons of inspirations and beautiful images!