Introducing the latest addition to my bookmarks, Kate from the Polish blog Paniekscelencja. This little pixie has a shock of bright orange-red hair and the most intriguing style. Every once in a while you find a blogger who you can’t really compare to any of the other ones you have seen. Let’s be honest, plenty of bloggers have a similar look. So when your bouncing from blog roll to blog roll like I do, every now and again a special someone will pop out at you. Take a look at some of her winning combinations below!

What I really love about her style is that she blends all of these different elements to create a look that is her own. She often wears black and edgy clothing. Shredded, studded and completed in high heeled wedge boots, her look is definitely tough and modern. The best part is her skin is flawless and her lips are always the perfect shade of pale pink. Offset by the shocking color of her long hair, Kates color combinations are always perfect. Adding a pastel nail color and some touches of pink in her wardrobe she sort of reminds me of a modern mix between Hello Kitty and a member of The Culture Club with a dash of Slash. The girly touches she adds to every outfit soften her tough vibe and make it all that much better!

Being obsessed with rings and necklaces this photo was very pleasing to the eye! I love over-the-top and eccentric style where people are not afraid of taking risks. I think Kate is the best example of fearless and fun fashion I have seen all week!

 Make sure to pop over to her blog where many, many more amazing photos await you. You will have a ton of fun browsing her cute outfits and scenic photos!