Time for another Blogger Spotlight! As you have heard me say before, Blogger Spotlights are my favorite posts because we get to celebrate the style of a real-world girl and examine their personal fashion. Allow me to introduce a blogger whose style I so adore, Katy from Kansas Couture! I had the pleasure of meeting her at the TxSCC a few weeks back and have been dying to do a recap of her style ever since! As a long time reader, I am already familiar with her fabulous style and her mottos about fashion. Katy believes that budget should not affect personal style and that everyone can pull off great looks, no matter how much you spend!

Katy is an avid thrifter and bargain hunter. Take a look at her blog and you will know exactly what I mean! Pulling in pieces that she finds for mere dollars, Katy creates looks that are high fashion and on trend. A die-hard remixer, Katy believes that each piece should have multiple uses and should be worn many times. As a reader, I have gotten tons of inspiration from the various creative ways she re-styles items. 

 As I mention in the video interview I did with Katy, shown below, the picture above was initially what drew me to her blog. This image was featured in the Weardrobe 100 top images of 2009 and has been reblogged and highlighted on tons of sites as awesome street style! With features in Lucky Magazine, Glamour.com, German Vogue, and more, Katy has been setting trends on a budget for quite some time!

 Katy participated in a 30 for 30 challenge, a fun activity that many of my favorite bloggers have embraced, where you choose 30 items to wear exclusively for 30 days. This encourages partcipants to find ways to remix their existing wardrobe and to work what you have in new ways. I have heard it can be pretty hard to work with only 30 items for a whole month, and many often give up. Of course Katy makes it looks as easy as pie, and in Day 21, shown above, she hits a home run with a darling and dainty vintage sweater and pleated dress. I simply adore this outfit for the blend of colors and also the quirky, cute vintage aspect!

 I love the fall leaves with the collegiate blazer and ivory tights! Perfect mix of scenery and theme of outfit. 

 Here you can see Katy remixing the adorable white and orange polka dot bouse into more of a downtown vibe paired with slim-fitting jeans and green suede boots! A master of scouting out the deals and showing us how to make the most of our wardrobe, Katy is definitely one who needs to be in your blog roll. Make sure to visit Kansas Couture for updates, and you will be as hooked as we are! First, check out Katy’s Spring Fashion inspiration and more in our video interview below!