You may already be familiar with this well-known blogging wonder. If not, let me take a moment to introduce you to one of my all- time favorite fashion bloggers. This is Rebecca of The Clothes HorseThis girl has made adorable dresses and tights with  perfectly polished nails and fiery hair her trademark look.  She always looks cute and comfy. When people are true to their individual aesthetic they always seem to stand out while looking at ease and that is the marker of true style.

Rebecca is the master of capturing the beauty of the outdoors. Whether on a rocky, seaside cliff or perched in a tree she makes it work and look easy!  She always manages to get dynamic shots all by herself with just a tripod!


Rebecca blogs about traveling, art, fashion and much more. Throughout the years of reading her blog I have seen the beauty of many countries she visited all thanks to her artistic eye. One of my favorite features on her blog are the “Picture An Hour” series. Throughout the day she will snap a picture of a sometimes unexpected moment each hour to create a visual diary of a her day. So fun! Another one of my favorite features is “Detail of the Week”. Rebecca picks out an item that stands out and is special to her. I love reading about the fun pieces my favorite bloggers pick up. It gives me inspiration to add statement pieces into my own waredrobe!



Make sure to check out her blog, you will definitely be delighted by how much creative imagery and attention are put into it.