A model and surfer sponsored by Billabong and other surfing brands, Bo Stanley has been featured as Vogue Italia‘s most recent Curvy Icon for her fresh beauty, passion for life and the outdoors, and her embrace of a healthy, natural body.
Here’s how Vogue describes her (yeah, Vogue . . . so cool!):
Her toned, curvy body helps her to compete at the highest levels and is also a perfect synthesis of beauty, health and naturalness. Bo Stanley, who was born and brought up in Carpinteria, is an authentic Californian beauty: a blonde in a bikini, with a curvy, sporty physique and natural charm. It’s a far cry from the stereotype of artificial beauty, the product of the obsession with plastic surgery . . .
Bo has also recently worked with the Healthy Is the New Skinny campaign to help transform negative body images and promote self-acceptance for natural beauty and healthy living. Such a cool project – you can check it out onFacebook, too.
Just from her pictures, Bo seems like the kind of girl you’d want to hang out with all the time. Check out her blog and her website, and I think you’ll find she’s just as cool as she is beautiful.