You might have noticed that we have launched our amazing new lookbook, A Brighter Shade of Pale. It was one of our favorite lookbooks to date, and we wanted to show you some awesome behind the scenes pictures from the shoot!

Here are our set designers building our paper wall set!
One of our favorite parts of the set were the giant 36″ balloons! Here you can see David, our makeup and hair artist giving some spunk to model Rina’s hair, while we hold up balloons


Our end of the day “it’s a wrap!” shot. From left to right: Sarah- photo assistant, David- makeup and hair, Rina- model, Taryn- junior stylist, Cara- senior stylist and art director. Look familiar? We loved this shot so much we used it in an email! Check out the email image below.

Here are the instagram shots from the shoot- many of our instagram followers pointed out how our Diamond Cleo Cutout in White reminded them of Waiting to Exhale 😉