It doesn’t matter how in LOVE you are with fashion, sometimes it gets a little bit monotonous. That’s why, when I come across an editorial or feature that explores color, form, texture, and composition in an unapologetic way I get very excited and have to share my finds as soon as possible! And to realize that my color theory classes paid off!

This editorial is, while not complicated or overachieving (in terms of elaborate set construction or provocative posing of some fashion model I’ve never heard of but “need” to know), an exquisite look at the color and silhouette trends of the season. Here, Emily Blunt is photographed by Paola Kudacki for Harper’s Bazaar UK January 2011 issue

Above, Blunt (in Tom Ford), depicts the movement of the fringe fad in the most elegant way.

And here two toned, jewel toned, ensembles are all the rage and keep things youthfully daring while remaining conventionally comfortable, silhouette wise. 

Above and bellow brilliant orange in deep and light shades bring light to even the most stark environments. 

 Do you think this was an Exquisetly Blunt fashion editorial? 

What colors are you favoring for Spring 2011?