Let’s start the day with some positive fashion mantras that embrace color theory through fashion, all together now:

We LOVE color. We LOVE color blocking. We LOVE mixing and matching color. And most importantly we LOVE fashion! 


Luckily, for anyone who just repeated that, fashion has turned towards being bright, bold, and beautiful. This means that if you’ve always felt like you were meant to be a world famous diva it is now ok to dress like one every day despite lacking an entourage of fans and paparazzi.

Speaking of the bold and beautiful, Rhianna brought saturation into our lives with her latest music videos and then rubbed her new colorific world into our senses with her new bright red hair. So, lets all embrace our inner Rhianna’s and go on a color journey into a whole new world created by How To Spend It Magazine

 So, how are you going to embrace spring’s vibrant new hues?