Some people just love the cold and grey weather. They love the layering and dressing in cold weather styles. Drinking hot cocoa and singing carols.  Growing up in San Francisco, I realized that the cold and fog are not for me! I may wear mostly black and dark colors but warm weather just screams “happy” to me.  I love dressing for summer, hitting the beach and having bonfires at night. Warm breezes and cold drinks! None of those things are possible in a Northern California winter. That is, unless you want to freeze.

Therefore, I look to imagery to get me through the tough winter months where I am surrounded by shades of grey, brown and the various colors of falling Autumn leaves.  I am super drawn to bright editorials with beachscapes, happy tones of pink and blue and sandy taupes.  When I came across this editorial  from Vogue Brazil on Fashion Gone Rogue I instantly thought of summer! Take a look below and you may find a cure for your winter blues!

Whether you love the winter or not, hopefully these pretty and bright images inspired you! What are your cures for the seasonal blues?