Pay no attention to the women behind the footwear.
I’m just talkin’ about BOOTS!!!
Ladies, there are so many cute boot styles out this season, I can hardly resist!
Work boots have come out as fashion forward with kickin’ chunk heels, cool wedges and mountain friendly attitude.
I just got these Tuson Boots by Chelsea Crew and I can’t wait to pair them with all of my winter dresses!
These closed toe boots will rock through the winter in puddle-friendly black.
Wrap it, Strap it, and Fur it up!
We love all of the variations going on these days; fur on top, straps and buckles make for high-rise emmbellishments.
Over-the-knee boots are coming in even stronger than last year, and we’ll be seeing them everywhere from the office to out-on-the-town!
Now, I think we’ve laid down some ground on what is going to be lava-hot this winter.
What will you be wearing?