Now, I don’t know the slightest thing about astrology but I love reading my horoscope everyday offered by the Astro Twins on

Here are today’s horoscopes fused with a fashion editorial from Vogue UK December 2010 by Tim Gutt modeled by the ethereal Norwegian beauty, Siri Tollerød.

ARIES: Are you in or are you out? Pose this question to yourself as much as to others today. A halfway commitment is causing you undue stress. It’s best to bow out altogether than sit on the fence. If you DO have the time to devote, dive in all the way and watch the magic happen.


TAURUS: Clutter begone! You’re aversely affected by those piles of unopened bills, stacks of paper, and Inbox filled with junk mail. Take time to do a clean sweep today, before you tackle any big projects. Those little things have a way of adding up and causing stress, but once you have them under control, your own clear thinking will return.

GEMINI: You want your emotions to be taken seriously today, but make sure this doesn’t come across as one of those Gemini, “split personality” moves. If you’ve been laid back and mellow up until this point, doing a 180 could shock the target of your feelings. Warm things up slowly, or give him a chance to recover from his surprise before you start talking next steps.

CANCER: Emotional eating alert! The red velvet cupcake is calling you with its sweet siren’s song. Unfortunately, that won’t take the bad taste out of your mouth left behind by an unpleasant conversation. Sit with your feelings, then, pick up the phone and ask for a do-over. You CAN smooth this out, but you might need to offer the first apology today.

LEO: Gossip does more damage than you realize, even if you don’t name names directly. Stop typing the snarky status update, Leo. Can you find a sense of admiration for people who dare to put themselves out there for public criticism? Your own proverbial guest spot on “Glee” may soon be coming up. Would you want to be judged by the standards you’re holding others to today? Probably not, so ease up.

VIRGO: Money can’t buy you class, so stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. Besides that, saving money gives you an almost perverse sense of pleasure. You have your own tastes, Virgo, and they may veer to the quirky or unconventional. So what if you’re rocking the vintage while everyone is dressed in the latest resort wear runway line? Let originality be your calling card today.

LIBRA: No skipping steps today, Libra. While you hate to be slowed down (especially when you’re on such a roll), you could trip yourself up by getting too far ahead without adequate preparation and knowledge. It’s better to ask for a deadline extension than to hand in sub-par work. Research data. Fact check. Make sure prospective collaborators are on the same page, and not feeling steamrolled by your larger-than-life personality.

SCORPIO: Yes,Scorpio, you are overreacting. Today’s planets make you more than a wee bit suspicious. You’re verging on paranoid and you need a reality check. Call up one of your personal guides for wisdom and advice. It takes a strong person to support a powerhouse like you, so make sure you’re leaning into someone who is grounded herself.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve been riding that express elevator to the top, Sagittarius, but today, you need to stop off on the ground floor to make sure that your foundation is firm. Are the people you’re working with pulling their weight? If your name is attached to a project, you need to make sure it’s being done to the highest standard of integrity.

CAPRICORN: Forget about multitasking. Pick one item from your To Do List and attack it full force. The sense of completion refuels your confidence, so make sure it’s something that you can tackle in 24 hours or less. Then, pick the next task and approach it with the same unswerving vision.

AQUARIUS: Someone asked for your honest opinion and you gave it. Er, awkward. You didn’t mean to insult, but hey, ya kinda did. Come back with a heartfelt apology today. Then, let it go. It’s going to take a little while for the stinging sensation to pass, and there’s nothing else you can do but wait. Time heals all wounds.

PISCES: Your siren’s song is turned up to 10 today, but did you really mean to send ‘em crashing in to those rocks? Be responsible for your powers of seduction. Don’t use other people to pump up your self-esteem if you’re not serious about offering the same in return.