If you’ve ever spent some time trudging all your dirty clothes through the heat, rain, hail, or snow to the laundromat then the chances that you were daydreaming away as your clothes were on the spin cycle are pretty high. 

When I lived in Brooklyn there were tons of laundromat’s to choose from but I always chose the one’s where I could have some peace and quiet. That being said, when I happened on this editorial I found it instantly entertaining.

I mean, how awesome would it be to do your chores in haute couture evening gowns?

Besides impractical, it is a hilarious picture of how much fun you can have with fashion. Plus, these photos are part of an editorial where the styling, set, makeup, hair, and casting couldn’t be better. 

 This editorial was sent to me by our other Lulus.com Blogger, Laurie, and it is from Vogue US 2005 by Steven Meisel