Wearing stripes can be a scary thing, but it doesn’t have to be! A lot of people tend to shy away from wearing stripes to avoid looking wider. But don’t fret girls, we have some great tips on how to wear those stripes and feel confident while doing it! 
A great way to ease into wearing stripes is to start with solid black and white stripes. Don’t worry whether the stripes are horizontal, vertical, or all over the place! Remember it’s not about what you wear, it’s about HOW YOU WEAR IT!
(1) This simple white striped mini can be dressed up or down! Dress it up with a tucked in solid shirt and some heels or dress it down with some flats and a vibrant solid color shirt. (2) This striped button up can be perfect for an interview with black slacks or can be dressed down for a casual vibe you will love! (3)  Finally, this sizzling striped tube dress is a winner for a night out on the town! 
(1)  (2) (3)
Another great way to start wearing stripes is to start with striped accessories! (1) The Sabrina Fair Hat is great for a hot day on the beach with a simple dress. Keep a look out in the ‘back in stock’ items! (2) Striped accessories like the ‘Rainbow Bracelet’ is great to spice up any outfit of any color! (3) Striped bags may be intimidating but they really go great with solid colored outfits!
(1)(2) (3) 
When you feel ready to make the leap to vibrant and playful stripes, be daring! (1) This colorful striped dress is a simple yet darling look for a summer day. Wear it to a BBQ, over a bathing suit or throw some heels on for a night of dancing. (2) High-waisted shorts are always a great way to show off those legs, especially with heels! With these striped shorts, a simple solid color top is best. (3) This two-toned striped dress is perfect for a summer day on the lake. Throw on a floppy hat and some flats and you’re set! 
(1)(2) (3) 
I hope these ideas get you ready to strut your stuff in stripes!