We’ve all heard it before:  Don’t wear white after Labor Day.
Or before Memorial Day.
Well, we’re in spring and just a month away from Memorial Day, so it begs the question:  Is it okay to bust out the white skinny jeans or the white cut off fringed jean shorts?
This is one of the biggest fashion myths in history, and if you’re anything like me, you want to know where the rumors started and if they’re really true or not.
Many of you fashion-conscious ladies out there may be wondering who made up this crazy rule anyway, as it does seem rather silly. Was it someone who wasn’t flattered by such a light, bright color? This fashion myth actually dates back to the 20th century. There are a few different explanations as to why this fashion myth came from, but the main reason was to avoid the heat!
During the 20th century, many people were not living in the luxury of air-conditioned buildings, so wearing white was seen as a clever way to stay cool. Once the weather cooled down, right after Labor Day, wearing white would only make you too cold, so people avoided it. The weather typically didn’t heat up again until around Memorial Day, so that is when it was deemed okay to wear white again! Short time period, huh?! 
No matter what you wear, whether fashion myth or not, think about the WAY to wear it versus the TIME to wear it. It’s perfectly okay to start wearing white right now and here are some great ways to do it!
Pair a bell or wide leg pair of white denim with a sheer light tank. To dress it, up wear a pair of thick wedges and keep jewelry simple; think a long necklace, some oversized earrings, or a set of bangles. This look is perfect for a beachfront sunset dinner! 
Everyone loves those tight fitted white skinnies! Even though we are sold out of these white jeggings below, you can still wear a pair of white skinnies with a vibrant top and some stilettos for a night out on the town. OR try this look to punk it up a little! 
A simple white dress always is great for those cool summer nights. Pair it with some cute brown cowboy boots to add some flare! Add these turquoise earrings for a little color, too! 
AND finally….trade the little black dress in for the little white dress! Nothing is better than having a sun-kissed tan to go with that tight fitting white dress! Sparkle it up with the Bamboo Colada gold glitter pumps! Stick with dainty gold earrings with a little color to keep it simple. As for a clutch, add some color to spice up the night! 
Are you ready to rock that white?