Erica of FashionLush shares some adorable ways to upgrade your accessories and start the school year off cute! Grab an old backpack or your fav pair of slip-ons and give them a revamp fit for the first day of class! Does this DIY pass your fashion school test? Let us know in the comments below!
Click through for the full list of materials and instructions you’ll need to make your own!

– Supplies: Mint sneakers/ sharp sewing scissors or exacto knife.
– Step 1: Remove the laces
– Step 2: Cut out along the seams on each side of the shoe (see photo).
– Step 3: Pull out the tongue of the shoe, and cut out the inside along the seams.
– Step 4: Replace the laces

– Supplies: a cool backpack (such as this one), acrylic paint in white, acrylic paint in any color you like (I chose teal, to match the shoes), a medium sized paint brush. Optional: Painter’s tape, if you’re known to be messy.
– Step 1: If you feel the need to use painter’s tape, tape off the edges of the backpack. Although, in my opinion, this step could often be more tedious than just being careful.
– Step 2:  Paint the part of the bag you want painted with the white acrylic paint; this is your “primer” so that your color is bright. Let dry.
– Step 3: Now paint your color over the white. You may need a few coats, so just be sure to let it dry between coats.
– Step 4: If you taped it off, you can now remove the tape and rock your new brightly color backpack!