It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or a follower of the fashionably fabulous. Emma Watson is blowing up as quickly as her style is maturing.

Since the success of the Harry Potter movies Emma has gone on to work with Burberry for two ad campaigns that landed her amongst the who’s who of fashion. Listen to this interview with Emma at Marie Claire for a glimpse behind the scenes of the wonderful pictures featured on this blog, as well as her insight into her evolving sense of fashion.


Her recent spread in Marie Claire seems to capture her quiet, yet steady sense of herself.

 Not only does her new hair style set her above all of the typical Hollywood “bombshell” beauties but it defines her as a courageous young woman who’s not afraid to express herself.

Keeping a playfull edge while remaining timelessly classy isn’t easy.

However, Emma Watson is one of those budding fashionistas that makes beauty seem effortless and we’ll have to keep our eyes on her.