As you might or might not know, is located in Chico, California, and it is a huge warehouse full of gals wearing lots and lots of cute clothes in many different ways! I realized that we don’t feature our own lovely ladies nearly often enough, so I am going to try and bring more pictures to you of our awesomely dressed employees.

We’ll start off with Cara, who is indeed our stylist and has been on the blog a few times already for her hipster “Geek Chic” style.

Cara recently fractured her elbow in a bike accident and has had to wear a sling for the past month or so! Instead of letting it bring her down Cara played up the tough look with her sling and just the right layering!

You can get this look (without breaking your elbow please!) with these items:

The Novel Idea Specs, the If Wishes Were Horses Tee, the Circle Quay Vest, the Levi’s 632 High Rise Skinny Jean in North, and the Wanted Prague Gray Girly Construction Boot in Vegan Leather!!!