Summer is right around the corner, so I thought I would do a little research and share some of the famous bathing suit styles from years past. As I did my research, I noticed that swimsuit styles contained less and less fabric over time. This is a change I will continue to fully support!
Late 1880’s:
 The 1880s until about the early 1900s was about full coverage when it came to swimwear. Women were not supposed to reveal too much skin so that men would not get the wrong impression of them. These suits resembeled dresses and allowed for little to no sun exposure at all! Not my cup of tea at all! 

Fashion history was made waves in the 1920s with styles allowing for more skin exposure. Liberated from long skirts, women of the twenties wore a sleeveless tank suit that formed to every curve and made women feel sexier than ever. They weren’t completely free yet, as there was a city ordiance that swimsuits could not be more than six inches above the knee! 
Backless one piece suits during the 1930’s were all the rage, drastically transforming swimsuit styles for years to come. These suits were the first to bear some resemblance to swimwear of today. 
The 1940s were very popular for their halter top bathing suits that promoted the sexy corset-style. In 1946, the bikini we all know and love was first introduced in Paris by French engineer Louis Réard and fashion designer Jacques Heim.
One piece suits were still the most popular choice during the 1950s, but some did venture out and show off more skin. For the braver ladies during this time, bikinis were ideal and the trend really started to pick up. Finally, swimsuits allowed women to feel confidant and attractive, revealing a new standard of sexy. Rubber swim caps with fancy flowers were also all the rage during this time, and I hope these never make an appearance ever again!
The swimsuits of the 1960s were the first suits that drastically changed the way we see swim suits today. Modesty was out and liberating the skin was in. The bikini was the dominant swimsuit style, except now everything was cut a little lower. Women wanted to bear it all and for once, no one was complaining. Finally, no more limits!

The 1970s were all about high waisted bottoms and barely any coverage. Without any restrictions, designers used this time to experiment with different styles and reveal nearly every curve of the female figure. This was all the rage in Europe and eventually made its way to the states, where it flooded the scenes.

The 1980’s were obsessed with neon and high-cut pieces that were sure to catch attention. I love high-waisted bottoms, but not when it comes to swimsuits! The high-cut bottoms just look uncomfortable to me. Ouch! 
The 1990s kept the high-waisted trend that carried on from the 1980s. They also had the bikini tops with adjustable straps, almost as if they were bras. This was a trend that even my barbies sported! 
The 2000s have been all about ultimate exposure. If you work hard for your body, why not show it off? A new one piece trend that I love is what the Kardashian sisters are sporting. This is a one piece that leaves no curve to the imagination. Also, the boyshorts that Beyonce is wearing gives one a little more coverage while still looking very sexy. 

Hopefully these suits inspire some vintage glamour on the beach this summer!
Will you try to bring any of these styles back, or should some of them stay in the fashion vault forever?