After coming back from NYC (and missing out on Fashion Week this year), I have been itching to throw a fashion show.

Soooo, the other day I decided to have an impromptu and very small fashion show in an old train car that has been recently turned into a cafe called Empire Coffee. It was for a small line of clothing/evening pieces that I did and that I call Eclissi (after the Italian word for eclipse).

I thought I would stage it as if the guests were first-class passengers on a “fashion train” (totally cheesy but it was fun). After getting on the train and sitting down (on old school train seats) the music would start and the models would walk down the aisle of the train car.

The music was a remix of a song done by the Kronos Quartet and composed by Steve Reich called Different Trains. I wanted it to sound old school, like the train, and intense to set a stage for the girls to walk down the aisle.

All in all, the show turned out well (I think)! The most fun part was that all of the Lulus models were there, and the makeup was done by our very own makeup artist, Nyala! Here are the backstage pics, shot by stylist Cara:


Here I am (above to the right) trying to hold two dresses that are twice my size backstage! And below (from left to right), Cara our stylist, Marty our photographer, and one of our favorite earring designers, Claire Fong (who did all the earrings for the show)!