Here we are kicking off the first episode of Fashion Votebook, where YOU decide the winners!
Emma Balfour vs. Twiggy
These are the professionals, ladies. These skinny blondes battle it out swapping combat boots for slender slingbacks and monochromatic layers for a cutesy minidress.
Kim Gordon vs. Mary Quant
You can think of Kim Gordon as the Great Aunt of grunge with Manic Panic hair, oversized vest and baby tee. On the right we have Mary Quant, the mother of the mini skirt AND hot pants!
Claire Danes vs. Jean Shrimpton
Can the cute star of My So Called Life overcome with her grungy plaid and mismatched layers, or will the pristine look of Jean Shrimpton’s pressed gingham plaid win over?
Winona Ryder vs. Peggy Lipton
The ultimate nineties brunette, Winona, had it all; the look, the career, Johnny Depp – but can she rival the crisp, tailored look of Mod Squad star, Peggy Lipton?
So who wins?
Mod or Grunge?