Remember Chanel’s trip to the arctic last season? 

This season, Karl Lagerfield didn’t unleash the wild onto his audience, but brought us tip-toeing carefully around the sculpted and controlled shapes of an urbanscape. In lieu of Le Nôtre’s gardens throughout the luscious palace of Versailles, this faux-garden (constructed for the show), called out to the manicured tendencies of chic high society and high fashion. 

Now, don’t think that the “manicured tendencies” means a dusty, tweed inspired re-cap of Chanel’s archives. Instead Lagerfield brought us into a realm of textiles that was new and exciting. Mixing in layers of chain necklaces, long skirts, wide lapels, and cutout fabrics that resembled organic materials themselves this collection will stand high in the lineup of Paris fashion week. 

Roped, draped, and layered necklaces.

Above are two more simple but more wear-able looks that are so powerful they might stop anyone dead in their tracks. 

 The detail in these chain mail gloves, the wrap chain bracelet, or the leather cutout fingerless gloves are to die for!

And SHOES, SHOES, SHOES.. can’t wait till these shoes come full circle to mainstream fashion!