“There were times today at Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig’s Marchesa presentation when you couldn’t breathe……it was the dresses—literally breathtaking”-Meenal Mistry for Style.com

For the past few years Marchesa has been gradually and elegantly gaining fame in the world of fashion. However beautiful and loved they have been every other season, they have finally done “THAT” collection. It is “THAT” collection that sets a brand apart from the rest, and in this case, literally off the charts in terms of evening wear for the rich and famous. 


I remember the reason why I do fashion every time I look at a collection that makes my jaw drop. The late Alexander McQueen was the ONE designer who was the culprit for my gaping mouth drooling at my computer screen for the past few years. More recently a compelation of designers clutter up my fashion icon folder on my desktop as well as keep my gaping mouth floored with the excecution of their designs.

Marchesa is one of those select icons, I think you’ll agree:

Jumpsuits in lace, and fit for a queen? Wonderfull, ethereal, and powerfull.

It intrigues me that when one of my idols leaves this world, another, in this case Marchesa, has stepped in to take up the role of fashion icon and set fashion once again on an upward spiral.

 Who are your fashion idols?