Following a recent trip to the newly remodeled MODERN wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, I found the Josh Goot Spring 2010 line that showed in London surprisingly reminiscent of the Roy Lichtenstein paintings I was just admiring!


These dresses are color blocked in a cartoonish comic book way and employ the black dotted shading of comic illustrations. When blown up to the proportion of a Lichtenstein (which is huge) the pixels of comics become a graphic element of their own.

These pixels, dots, or whatever you would like to call them are used by Goot this season in order to create Lichtenstein comic book garments. The pixelated shading creates an almost three dimensional feeling to some of his silhouettes.

No matter how commercialized the Lichtenstein paintings get, I still find this blown-out-of-proportion, comic book look pretty cool in life size.