Louise Gray is in her groove now, and like a street Pied Piper of London’s East End, she’s going to be pulling a lot of followers with her.”

I love it when I find new designers that give me a crisp look at what could happen in fashion. This season, I have found a few so far, and one of those people is Louise Gray.

Gray is a young designer that has used her textile background in the right way. Gray mixes and matches vibrant and jarring prints and shapes to create a unique Louise Gray girl for Spring 2010! This collection is fresh and refreshing for a time in which many find themselves looking at the ever resourceful and safe ditsy prints mixed with color blocked shift silhouettes.

Creative energy emanates from this collection. Louise Gray used finger paints for makeup and even put fake earring holes in the model’s ears. The shoes are a great with a new, and somewhat destructed, twist on the current theme of strappy gladiator shoes. The color palette and patterns created an 80’s nostalgia in 21st-century textiles.

The graffiti-sprayed designs, bright colors, and lots of bows brought a bit of familiarity to this funkified look, which Sarah Mower from Style.com says is fitting for “a punchy young girl with a rebellious streak … [or] like-minded types with an eye for something off-kilter and vivid.”