Unfortunately, this round of Fashion Week in Milan had little that caught my attention. I was looking forward to reporting for you guys all the neat and sweet fashion stuff from Milan, but alas, there was practically nothing to talk about!

One thing I did find at least entertaining and fun was Dsquared². (We do have to remember that although this is supposed to be a presentation of clothing, a fashion show is also just that — a show!) Dsquared² is the line/work/baby of Dan and Dean Caten. They are twins from Canada that have made it big in Milan. The Italians simply adore them.

In Milan, Dean and Dan had their warehouse and offices in a building directly behind the street that I lived on. Every Friday became the Dsquared² Aperitivo (basically the Italian happy hour) at a super posh bar called BOND. BOND was almost directly across the canal from my apartment and I could check out what they were wearing, which was way too much fun, especially with designers as funky and cute as these two!

The twins have quickly made an outstanding reputation for themselves by throwing their fashion shows in such a way that the audience is totally entertained.

For instance, the first Dsquared² fashion show that I went to started out as a scary alley in an old European city, like London. A lone model walked out cautiously with a cape, SUPER high heels and pouty red, red, red, lipstick on. Some of the models ended up throwing off her high heels and running down the runway.

The second show I saw was the Spring/Summer 2009 men’s show, and it was just as great! It opened in a barbor shop complete with my hip hop dancing friends the BANDITS, and the two chairs whirled around to reveal Dean and Dan themselves who began the show by walking down the runway!

The Spring/Summer 2010 show begins in a campground and is a completely ridiculously styled camping look, with super-skinny high fashion models trying to look as if they are camping?! At least we can see, through the mess of crazy clothes and layering, a few super-cute pieces and layering ideas!