Yesterday, at the Alexander McQueen show in Paris, the long-lost Plato’s Atlantis was discovered.

McQueen has set a standard for himself within the industry that has yet to be rivaled by other fashion masters. The theatrics involved, both in the clothing and in the stage, are always breathtakingly complicated and fanciful. The Spring 2010 show was, by all means, the ULTIMATE McQueen show, and he successfully transported his audience into an otherworldly experience.

The show’s hype began with the fact that he announced that the show would be broadcast live along with a pre-made video and Lady Gaga’s release of her new single on However, the hype — while magnificently important to the fashion industry and online business — ended up being the demise of the project itself!

Lady Gaga twittered that her new release would be out on SHOWstudio, and instantly her million-something fans logged on and brought down the site! Despite all of this, the show went on and was a magnificent arrangement of music, video, performance, and fashion.

FYI, please make a note that this collection must be viewed as a wardrobe complete for aliens from a planet yet to be discovered…