Just as I was musing over my lack of fashion bizzzz this week, I received an email from a colleague and friend from Pratt, John Renaud. John studied fashion design with me and was always leaving me with my jaw to the floor, impressed with his designs and artwork.

John was always and still is ready and willing to put himself out on the line of avant garde in terms of fashion. I learned the first year of school with him that for the sake of an amazing collection, John will challenge himself to the point of utter madness. (I might add that this is not meant by any means to be negative, as one of the perks of being an artist is that madness = new ideas and good work!)

While in New York City, John interned for Laura Moore, Christian Joy, Gary Graham, and Daniel Vosovic. John is actually how I got my internship at Christian Joy! He was an intern and then first design assistant, working on both Christian Joy’s line of clothing and her costumes for Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.

Yesterday, when John emailed me about the launch of his new website, and of the release of his costumes in a new music video, and concert dates for the Peaches, I couldn’t think of any better a way to get the word out about his work than by posting a blog for all of our followers to read!

John has accomplished so much already that it gives me the chills to think of the future, and I have to remind you that John Renaud graduated from design school in May 2009, only a few months ago.

Although I was there throughout the entire process of John’s thesis collection for our senior fashion show at Pratt, it still blows me away every time I look at it. The pieces from the collection are truly amazing and display both his mastery of tailoring/craftsmanship as well as design and concept development.

I would, that is, if I were you, keep posted on John’s latest accomplishments, because exactly how far this emerging fashion designer will go is yet to be seen.