As my fellow cinephiles out there can attest, some classic films have a magic about them that make you feel like you’re right there in it, watching history change before your very eyes. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, filmed waaay back  in 1919, was at the forefront of the German Expressionist movement, and the most classic of all classic horror fiilms (yes, even before Nosferatu!). Madmen, murder, sleepwalkers, and silent screams . . . Oh yes, it’s silent, which always takes a little getting used to for us modern viewers, but the striking, abstract visuals are more than enough to keep you hooked.
With something so stylized, my mind automatically shifts from highly stylized… to highly stylish! How can I wear this?! So how about working some Caligari-inspired pieces into your wardrobe? Abstract prints, sharp angles, and geometric shapes channel the silent classic, while injecting some sharp chicness into these dramatic looks!

(Images courtesy of Google Images)