While I’m not usually a big advocate of the fake and bake, there’s a new kind of tanning salon that might have me changing my tune: a neon salon! Talented photographer Jamie Nelson is the genius behind this bright idea, using the backdrop of a tanning salon to highlight, well, pretty much everything.
Armed with a blacklight bed, glow paint, and some seriously eighties accessories, these suit-clad sirens sure know how to light up a (dark)room.
It’s like glowstick heaven!

Anybody else wondering if the models are actually tan?!

Once you’re done oo-ing and ahh-ing over this shoot, check out the rest of Jamie Nelson‘s work. All of her photographs incorporate unique uses of color, makeup, props, and accessories, and every shoot is different. I can promise you this:  you’ll never be bored! (One of them even has an alligator!)
(All pics courtesy of trendhunter.com.)