I blaze through earbuds like they’re disposable, so I tend toward the cheapest cheapies Target has to offer, but little did I know, I’ve been missing out on the hottest new accesorizing opportunity! As most of the Lulus crew can attest to, there is at least one headphone/earbud on/in at all times on any given workday. So if anybody can justify a headphone splurge, well, here we are!

Heapdhones, earphones, earbuds… whichever tickles your fancy, they’ve all gone through a high end, designer makeover, and some of the results are just plain silly. Take these 18 carat gold, diamond-encrusted (118 of them!) ear accessories from Belgian jeweller Casa Gi (below). These sparkly stunners carry a mere £3,499 price tag, which means roughly $5,430 here in the good ol’ US of A!

Oh, what, you thought that sounded like a lot for diamond earbuds? (Me too!) Well, DEOS offers similarly extravagant earbuds for a mere $60,000 to $4,500! (That’s them pictured at the very top, and below). To be fair, they also offer the same designs with Swarovski crystals ($110 to $200) and aluminum (as low as $20) for those of us who would rather have “diamonds” and lots of shoes. The different crystal pattterns are pretty cute too.

Now, I did say designer, and I meant it. Big names like Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Tam, and Juicy Couture (below, clockwise from top left) have all released their very own lines of luxury listening gear. With price tags ranging from $25 to $199.95, they’re actually more attainable than you might think! (I kind of love how the Juicy ones double as ear muffs. It gets cold in here!).
But, because I’m still a little more fascinated by what is completely out of my price range, check out Molami, the “high-heeled earphone brand.” Ranging from about $200-$450, Molami headphonesare designed from a fashion standpoint, worn as a selected accessory and tailored for the contemporary individual” and include stingray or napa leather ear buds, napa leather headphones, and even offer this sleek, hand-washed silk and chiffon headband option (below), that really just looks like you’re rockin’ a fancy hair accessory. Another cool fact: they’re the only headphone brand designed to frame and enhance the features of the feminine face. Fancy!

And here I am with my sad little purple plastic earbuds…