how to wear high heels comfortably - tips and tricks for wearing high heels

Let’s be honest, as cute as they are, heels are not the most comfortable shoes. But when the occasion is right, they’re a must-wear, and when worn right, you can totally avoid being that girl who is carrying her shoes at the end of the night. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for how to wear high heels comfortably.

First things first – get those feet ready for their big night out!

— If you are wearing a closed toe heel, make sure you give your toenails a trim. Few things are more painful on a fun night out than your toenail being pressed into the front of a high heel shoe. Trust us, trim those toe nails. 

— Additionally, instead of waiting until you are already in pain, take the precautionary steps to prevent the pain by taking Advil or another pain reliever about 30 minutes before you go out, which will give the active ingredients time to kick in and may help stop the pain from even starting. Amaze, right?

— Consider getting some gel insoles for your heels to add an extra layer of comfort. They now make them in the perfect little size for heels, like these Foot Petals Tip Toes Pink Heart Ball-of-Foot Cushions.

Next up: Practice! You wouldn’t go out on the town and start playing a musical instrument without getting plenty of practice in first, and wearing heels is really no different. They are a total change from sneaks, and definitely take some getting used to. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a runway model strut the first few times you wear them. Those girls had to practice at one point too! Try wearing them around your house for a day, and wear them on different surfaces like hardwood, carpet, or gravel outside. The better prepared you are for strutting around in your heels, the less likely you are to have a mishap, aka falling on your face in front of that cute boy you were talking to.  So, get some practice in, heel, toe, heel, toe… you got this girl!

Bring along some helpful items in your purse, including a second dose of pain reliever, band-aids, and this holy grail item, the Friction Block! It really does work wonders (we speak from personal experience). Apply it wherever your heels rub and it will prevent blisters from forming. It is also a good idea to bring along little flats or flip flops in your car or in your purse, just in case you want to bail on the heels, but don’t want to walk around barefoot. Safety first ladies!

After you get home from your big night out, reward your feet with a relaxing foot soak like this one specifically for soothing tired and sore feet. This little bit of TLC will help any pain from starting up after the heels have come off and it’s a totally luxe way to end your night.

which high heels are right for you?

Now that you’ve got all the tips and tricks on how to wear your heels without pain, the next question is which heels to wear! Obviously you can use all these preventative measures to ensure you’re comfy as you dance the night away, but another helpful option is choosing a heel that’s comfortable to start with. When choosing your heels, take into consideration your experience level with heels, how long you’ll be wearing them, and what heel height works best for you. Read on for comfy (and stylish) options we recommend!


If it’s your first time wearing heels, or you’re still learning how to wear them, we recommend starting with a low heel, kitten heel, or a block heel that’s between 1.5″ and 2.75″ tall. This type of heel will not only be more comfortable, but also easier to walk and dance in. The Lulus Harper Almond Stacked Ankle Strap Heels or the Julie Rust Suede Ankle Strap Heels have a classic ankle strap silhouette that will look great for any occasion. If you’re looking for a closed toe, the Lucinda Black Nubuck Ankle Strap Pumps are a chic option with a 1.5″ heel, and it’s a style that you can wear dressed up or dressed down beyond your big night.


If you’ve worn heels a few times and feel pretty confident, you can test out a higher block heel around 2.75″ to 3.75″ tall. It’s a good idea to still stick with a block heel, since it will be a bit more supportive and less wobbly than a stiletto. A block heel or a wedge will usually be more comfortable because the thicker heel creates less pressure as you walk, therefore is less painful. Our faves include the Lulus Sidecar Cutie Taupe Suede Ankle Strap Heels for a classic look and the Lulus Audrina Copper Ankle Strap Heels for something more on the edgy side – check out that metallic sheen! Want to step things up a notch? The Lulus Ashton Black Suede Lace-Up Heels have a lower heel but an elevated feel, thanks to an on-trend lace-up design.


If you and your heels have been around the block a few times before and you feel confident rocking a higher heel, but still want to be comfortable, a platform heel is a great alternative option! With a higher heel, a built in toe platform helps to compensate for the added height. If you go for a heel around 4″ or higher, and the shoe has a 1″ to 1.5″ platform, in reality the heel will feel more like a 3″ to 3.5″ high heel thanks to the toe platform! We love the sky-high drama of the Lulus Selah Nude Suede Ankle Strap Heels and the stepped up look of the Saucy Nude Suede Lace-Up Platform Heels! You can even try out a platform wedge like the Amber Nude Espadrille Wedges, which has more of a strappy upper for support and a comfortable open toe.

Skip the Heels:

Not feelin’ the heels? Go for a cool girl alternative and just rock sneakers instead! Sneakers can create a cool contrast when paired with fancier dresses, so why not give it a try if you’re not down with wearing heels! Not only will you be comfy, but you’ll have a unique look, AND you’ll be able to dance all night and bust out your craziest dance moves! Dad sneaks aren’t just for the chaperones, so try out the Dolce Vita Walter White Suede Leather Sneakers for a trendy, model-off-duty vibe. Fancy dress? Fancy sneaks like the Report Acer White Studded Sneakers will fit the bill, thanks to a metallic strap and shiny studded detailing. Want added height without the discomfort? The Steve Madden Gills Black Suede Leather Flatform Sneakers have 1.25″ flatform sole that lift you up without bringing you pain!

What kind of heels are right for you? Share your fave pair of heels with us on Instagram by tagging @lulus and #lovelulus!