Not only are zippers functional, but fashionable too. Exposed metallic zippers are now taking center stage on the runway, and the verdict is in: Zip is Hip!

Zippers, once subtly hidden and ignored, are now one of the hottest fashion trends to be had this season. Adding a fun metallic edge, these zippers can be found adorning purses, shoes, jeans, dresses, and even jewelry. Some don’t even require having a purpose, but exist simply to satisy your appetite for edginess and fun.

From the runway to stars on the go, the zipper trend is making its way to your closet. Now, you can find some hot zipper items at

Our Rebel Rebel Zipper Dress [sold out!] utilizes sleek metallic zippers atop a satiny black dress for a rebellious but pretty look. Our Anne Michelle Snobby Black Lizard and Gold Zipper Pump [sold out!] will make sure you step into this trend with style. Don’t forget our Alley Cat Handbag [sold out!], so you can easily add the zipper trend to any outfit.

Clearly ladies, it’s time to zip it!