After viewing Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides last weekend, I immediately went home and chucked everything in my closet. 
Okay, not really, but after viewing Penelope Cruz‘s swashbuckling style throughout the film, it really made me want to add some piratical pieces to my wardrobe.
Here are the things I can see that I need to put on my shopping list:
1. Some Serious Attitude
As first mate on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, she had to be scary enough to keep all those mateys in line.
2. A Lot of Black Eyeliner
I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement to pal around with Jack Sparrow.
3. Posse of Pirate Friends
I think this helps add to whole kickin’ look. Pirate hat, check. Leather and feathers, check. Scary dad with a magic sword, check. 
4. A Hat
This girl looks darn good in a hat. The entire movie. Especially when standing next to Johnny Depp.
5. A Head Scarf
This is my absolute favorite look from the movie. Flowy shirt, paisley patterns, rougish hair and scarf. What’s not to love!
6. Johnny Depp (Can you sense a theme here?)
I would totally ride on a boat to a deserted island or wade through the snake-infested jungle if I got to do it with Capt’n Jack. Le sigh….
(Pics from here, here, and here.)
Secretly, I think Penelope Cruz might be a pirate in real life. After all, she filmed this whole crazy movie while she was preggers! For full-body shots, her sister Monica Cruz filled in with her own piratical pizzaz. This gives me hope, because that means I might be able to be a real-life pirate, too.
So, there you go. Hopefully it will inspire you to go out and buy your own sword, or at least go on the hunt for some sweet swashbuckling accessories.