Hello my lovelies! With spring break swiftly approaching, one might wonder what to pack for their much-deserved getaway. Well, I have compiled a bunch of different outfits from Lulus, along with some packing tips to help get you started! Here are some adorable outfits arranged by vaca activity that will be sure to make you stand out:
Going to the beach:
It is also a great idea to bring a sweater when you go to the beach, try the Desert Sage Knit Sweater
Going out to dinner:
A night out on the town:
Some valuable packing tips (in order to pack as much as possible):
1. Roll your clothing. We do this to help reduce wrinkle and utilize all of the space in your suitcase for more clothes. You can even roll multiple items of clothing into one!
2. Check the weather before your trip so you can pack accordingly. Also, bring clothes appropriate for the rain, since beach weather can be unpredictable at times. 
3. Wear your heaviest items such shoes, sweaters, jackets, et cetera, as you are traveling so there is more room for your other items in your suitcase.
4. Try being a minimalist! I know for us girls this is a hard one, but when you have sweaters or sandals, you can re-wear with other outfits.
5. Organization is key: Before you pack your suitcase lay everything out on your bed, this will allow you to limit the number of items you are taking. Anyways, Spring break is about wearing as little as possible to attain that much-needed tan since last summer, right?
How are you going to prepare for your spring break?
Bon Voyage