Flash mob protests Anna Wintour in Italy

Hot new news has just arrived from the forefront of Milan’s Fashion Week! The breaking news: Anna Wintour decided to stay only three/four of the five days of Milan’s fashion week.

What does that have to do with anything?

Anna Wintour in a fur coat and trademark sunglassesWell, first of all, after the launching of The September Issue (the documentary about Anna Wintour) following the popular The Devil Wears Prada (also based on Anna Wintour), Anna Wintour has become synonymous with VOGUE instead of being the editor of Vogue. The blessings of Miss Wintour seem to change the outcome of one’s success within the fashion industry instantly, and as Rodarte has seen, this blessing can be the basis of a fashion career itself.

This being said, it is VERY important that Anna Wintour herself is at the fashion shows of fashion week, which has become in many ways, Wintour’s week!

This year five days worth of shows in Milan have now been moved into three/four days. That is 88 shows crammed into no time at all! The consequences of this is that models, stylists, designers, and photographers will be hard pressed to make even half of the shows (which will be running just minutes after each other).

What was Milan’s response to this dictator-like approach to influencing fashion week? Thanks to Attila Bene Ortz, a flash mob of Anna Wintour look-a-likes was organized to stand in front of the shows!

Anna Wintour… I will only stay 3 days in Milan catwalks

Although many of the reviews state that this flash mob was done in vain, it was reported on almost every single major fashion blog and site around the world! So, girls, was it done in vain? Doesn’t look like it to me! I’m glad to see that fashionistas aren’t willing to settle, even if they are “told” it is necessary.