Oh wonder of wonders, I’ve become so enraptured by Amanda Brohman of Fröken Fashionista, I’ve forgotten how I ever stumbled across her in the first place! This gorgeous Swedish maiden is not only a bewitching mistress of the snow and a phenomenal blogger, but she’s still in high school! (Get inspired girls!)

By the looks of Amanda’s white-washed and snow-blanketed images, it seems this darling young woman lives and breathes in the snow. Camouflaging herself with neutral (faux) furs and dark bark-like accents, I’m pretty well convinced that Brohman dropped from a tree and rolled out of an icy pine cone instead of being born like the rest of us!

Feast on this!

(Anyone else think Stevie Nicks?)

With her Nordic blonde hair and rosy winter cheeks this girl even makes oversized mom jean shorts look good!

With such an amazing handle on winter attire, I can’t wait to see what “Miss Fashionista” does for spring and summer.

I guess we’ll just have to keep tabs on her!