A lover of fashion by nature, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, created his blog around a few simple ideas that have become second nature in the blogger infested world of the last few years. As one of the founding fathers of “blogger” style street photography Schumann’s eye is impeccable and his hand unshakable. 

 Almost as if to quiet our incessant questions about how, where, when, and why he takes the photos he does, a short documentary has been released which answers exactly all of those questions. I hope that you watch, listen, and appreciate the intention behind the work and words of Scott Schuman in this short film as much as I did.

 FYI The Sartorialist means: 

sartorial [sɑːˈtɔːrɪəl]


1. of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring

Schuman himself studied tailoring in college which lead to his deep respect and fascination for the art of tailoring and clothing construction. This has also, probably, tailored his eye for details which is integral to the success of his photos.

I love this photo of the work man’s boots. This is an art/fashion instance where function triumphed form in the creation but not in the ultimate appreciation of the object. Schuman has an eye for the subtle and intricate details of every day life that some of us forget to look for. Keep an eye on Schuman’s work by following The Sartorialist!